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Goldstein, Samuel

Samuel Goldstein

Samuel received a TRS-80 computer for his 12th birthday, and has been programming ever since.1969 Communications builds and maintains web-based business tools for clients which include national brands like Isuzu Commercial Vehicles and Bioness Medical Inc. 1969 Communications specializes in e-commerce, integrating web applications with back-end / legacy systems, complex workflows, content management solutions, and troubleshooting complex issues.

Before coming to 1969, Samuel served as Vice President of Technology at Magnet Interactive in Los Angeles, Director of Engineering at COW, and Lead of the Programming Department at BoxTop Interactive. Projects at these companies included development of reusable frameworks, web-based applications, and data-driven systems. Clients ranged from dot-coms to well-known companies such as Nissan/Infiniti, Quiksilver, National Lampoon, Stanford University, Guess?, USC, Kahlúa (Allied Domecq), UPN, UCLA, Major League Soccer, and SegaSoft.

Prior to focusing on Internet technology, Samuel worked as a member of the technical staff at The Aerospace Corporation, where he researched distributed systems and database technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Pomona College in Claremont, California and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California.

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